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Striping Sell and Polishing Painting

Pride Work Force Pty Ltd can provide you with our specialised tile/vinyl stripping and sealing service. It is designed to restore the shiny appearance of your floorings and to protect them against stains and scratches. Additionally sealed hard floors require less maintenance, so you may need to have them cleaned professionally less often. The floor lifespan is also extended significantly when the surface has been treated with a protective solution.

A variety of hard floors will benefit from being protected with a sealer. Granite, marble, sandstone, ceramic tiles, terracotta, vinyl surfaces, natural stone floors, etc. become more durable, scratch and stain-resistant if they are treated additionally.

Newly installed floorings are especially at risk of getting contaminated easily, so to protect your investment, you should not delay to book a specialised floor maintenance service and seal them professionally.Dull looking floorings with a disintegrated sealant should be stripped and cleaned, first, before the new sealing solution is applied. Failure to do so will result in plasticky looking floors with a poor finish.Commercial floors, which endure high traffic on a daily basis, are prone to wear and tear faster. Hence, we would recommend that they are sealed with a strong scratch-resistant impregnator or a topical sealant.